Where to Begin

A game-changing learning programme is just a few steps away.

Design a full learning programme with us or pilot a single lesson and build out your new initiative from there.

We would love to speak to you. The benefits and value of Steppit is easier to explain if we know what strategic goals you’re trying to achieve.

How we work together

1.  Shape your educational strategy

If you already have this, great. If not, you may need our support to facilitate its development. Our strategic team works with you to unlock the learning potential in your world.

2.  Build your course programme

We help you to untangle your subject expertise and structure it into a suite of progressive courses using the Steppit platform.

3.  Produce courses

Breaking down the learning content into stages, we help you map the course content to our proven learning framework. We arrange high-quality filming, editing, post production and uploading to the platform, testing all new courses and maximising their quality for launch. Our unique course production approach is cost efficient and takes all the hassle out of video production without compromising on quality.

4.  Launch courses

We have a history of marketing and launching successful course programmes. We will advise you on channel and marketing approaches to encourage your distribution network or customer.

5.  Manage and monitor course performance

You have access to Steppit's simple management tools and dashboards which share all the key data relating to your courses – take-up rates, cohort or course numbers, learner success rates, revenue etc.

Building a learning programme

The Steppit platform is always evolving. Our expertise is in building innovative technological solutions to make learning more effective for all involved.

Here's how we can flex with your business and take advantage of opportunities together:

Step 1. Discover

Discuss concepts that suit your top-level strategic goals, from small courses to entire schools, with a range of commercial models.

Step 2. Collaborate

We map out input needed, from subject matter expertise and customer knowledge on your side, to the technology and learning methodology on ours.

Step 3. Activate

We bring the idea to life together, rapidly building a proof of concept and scaling to a strategic learning programme.

Get in touch

Creating high-quality learning content is easy with Steppit Select. No experience is required by tutors, and we’ve honed our production techniques to reduce costs and make top-quality content accessible to all.

Contact us to start building your learning programme today.

“Workshop have built a user-friendly learning app that utilises the latest scientific research on how we learn”

The Scotsman