Hands-On Teaching Made Easy.

Workshop makes it simple to pass on practical skills online through step-by-step video courses.

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Easily create, sell & run hands-on video courses for learners everywhere.

“Workshop opened my eyes to a whole new way of teaching online.”

Instructors in practical skills use Workshop for...

   Digitising their in-person courses.

   Reaching new students around the world.

•   Helping learners between their in-person sessions.

Teaching Made Experiential

Offer Experiences to Remember

Learning should never be boring. Workshop lets you create inspiring courses that help learners develop skills through direct experience.

Personal Style
Hands-On Sessions
Active Learning

Teaching Made Simple

Build Step-By-Step Video Courses with Ease

Film on your phone and upload one step at a time, with none of the hassle that usually comes with making educational videos.

Film Once & Share
Step by Step
Mobile or Desktop

Teaching Made Personal

Be There When Your Learners Need You

Chat with each of your learners one-to-one, share your courses and give them tailored guidance, support and feedback.

Private Chat
Assign Sessions
Sell Courses

Teaching Made Social

Nurture Close-Knit Classes and Communities

Create vibrant, collaborative cohorts to help learners support one another and develop their skills together.

Small Classes
Open Communities
Peer Feedback

Build courses that last forever & teach any number of people without breaking a sweat.

“I love making personalised sessions for my students.”

Teachers use Workshop for...

   Interactive lessons at home or in the classroom.

   Project-based homework.

•   Personalised support.

“I can finally give my clients the support they deserve.”

Trainers, therapists & coaches use Workshop for...

   Providing extra support to clients at home.

   Giving lifetime access to step-by-step exercises.

•   Building an online client base.

“I had no idea I could train people in my trade remotely until now…”

Tradespeople use Workshop for...

   Coaching and supporting people new to the trade.

   Building catalogues of skill tutorials  for reference.

•   Updating staff on new tools and techniques.

Join Our Early Access Program to Start with £500 Credit

We're currently running an Early Access Program to give teachers, coaches and trainers early access to Workshop.

Join the program and, as a thank you for testing and giving us your feedback, we'll give you £500 credit to help get your courses off the ground.

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Partner with Us

We want to team up with the best educators to set new benchmarks in online education. Check out our Workshop Ventures program for more info.

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Apply for a Grant worth up to £10k

If you’re a teacher or trainer and want some help getting your courses off the ground, you can apply for a grant to receive extra credit in your Workshop account.

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