Setting the Standard for Online Education

By building the best open tools for active learning and teaching, while working in partnership with the world’s leading educators and brands, we aim to change the paradigm of online learning and inspire others in our joint pursuit for better education around the world.

Online Courses, Reimagined

In 2016, after sitting through countless traditional online video courses ourselves, we became driven to create simpler and more enjoyable ways to obtain new skills.

We therefore redesigned “online courses” from the ground-up – scrapping traditional lectures in favour of interactive, hands-on sessions that actively engage learners in new subjects.

World-class Education Can Be Accessible

By closely mirroring the real-world experience of learning practical skills from expert teachers, Workshop's technology makes it possible to build uniquely hands-on learning experiences which can be shared around the world.

Learner-First Methodologies

Experiential, collaborative and enquiry-based learning methods let learners actively engage with subject matter.

Classes & Communities

Learners can join small groups of likeminded people and share their progress with the wider community.

Expert Feedback

New ideas and photos can be exchanged between learners and posted for feedback from expert mentors.

Learning Online Can Be Exciting

Through active participation in Workshop’s high-impact, step-by-step sessions within small, supportive groups of likeminded classmates, thousands of students have discovered a new love for learning outside the classroom.

As a result, learners on Workshop have reported an average satisfaction rate of over 97% – 1.5x higher than conventional online courses – while completion rates on Workshop courses are 5x higher than the average online course.

Teaching Online Can Be Simple

Workshop has enabled top schools and educators to discover brand new ways of producing exceptional educational experiences with ease.

A typical course on Workshop takes on average 13x less time and resource to produce than a conventional online video course.


Educators can focus on teaching while Workshop makes course planning and production as simple as teaching in person.

Global Access

Learners in over 150 countries have discovered courses and schools that were previously out of their reach.


After 5 years of crafting our products and services alongside experienced educators, production teams and software developers, Workshop is guaranteed to provide quality learning and teaching experiences.

Some of Our Educators

As Britain’s most prestigious cookery school, Leiths School of Food and Wine have been training up thousands of professional chefs since 1975.

Leiths partnered with Workshop to bring their expertise into homes around the world and to produce a range of the most effective and comprehensive digital cookery courses ever made.

London Fine Art Studios welcomes students of all levels, providing a supportive learning environment in which to acquire new skills and develop a deeper understanding of the arts.

In partnership with Workshop, LFAS are creating cosy, atelier-style learning experiences unlike any other, capturing and sharing the unique vibe of their London studios with learners everywhere.

Meet the Team

From our base in central London, we're a small team on a mission to change the landscape of online education. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to contact us.

Josh Taylor

Co-founder & CPO

Dan Williams

Co-founder & CTO

Jay Rowley

Community Manager

Natalie Carroll

Partnerships Executive

Ray Taylor

Chairman & Lead Investor

Richard Pennycook

Non-executive Chairman