Our Approach

By making it more enjoyable to learn and teach online, we can make education of all sorts simpler, faster and more effective than ever before.

5x Higher Course Completion Rate
than the industry average
97% Learner Satisfaction
from 25,000 reviews

What makes Steppit unique?

Steppit technology is built on the most effective pedagogic principles and can’t be beaten for learning practical skills. It is powerful, scalable and easy to use - for teachers, trainers, students and employees alike.

Our pioneering learning methodology ensures that all Steppit courses are:


Mobile-first, close-up video lets learners feel like their tutor is in the room with them.


The most efficient paths to developing skills align with how the brain learns best.


Experiential courses let learners engage their senses and learn by doing.


Step-by-step sessions make it easy to learn any skill in a stress-free environment.

“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.”


Building the tutor-learner relationship

Steppit empowers both tutors and learners to achieve their goals in order to create the best educational experiences.

For Tutors

Course building is simple & quick
Helps teachers connect with hundreds of students across many classes
Easy management & control of courses
Instant access to performance metrics
Insights to student behaviour
Quality, cost-effective production process
In-app notifications & course scheduling
In-app community messaging

For Learners

Makes learning simple & intuitive
Feels like a personal tutor-to-student experience
Access on any device
Back pocket refreshers - access for 12 months
Learn with peer groups
Ongoing tutor feedback
Clear learning pathways
Certification & proof of skills

“Having a mentor is massively important for your confidence. It’s about being able to express what you've learned in a safe space and getting guidance that’s personalised to you.”

Dr Hannah Gore