Learning Technology for Further Education

The future of digital learning opens up a world of opportunity for further education colleges.

Bring vocational content to life with Steppit.

Use technology to supplement classroom teaching. Let students learn and practice new skills flexibly, at home or in the workplace.

Steppit technology is intuitive for adult learners and our learning methodology is designed specifically for experiential learning. With every step, students can boost their employability by building a portfolio of demonstrable skills. Apprentices gain confidence in the workplace knowing they have an expert 'in their back pocket'.

Deliver the practical side of recognised vocational qualifications online.

We support Further Education colleges in delivering qualifications such as City & Guilds, NVQs, diplomas, T-levels, and schemes such as Kickstart, the National Skills Fund and Employer Apprenticeships.

Steppit's methodology is designed specifically to support career pathways like:


Building and Construction

Health and Social Care

Childcare and Early Years

Medicine and Dentistry

Environmental Conservation




Creative and Design

Hair and Beauty

Animal Care

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If your organisation provides vocational courses or FE qualifications, learning technology can help you deliver better education and reach more students.

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Steppit has many applications for Further Education, including:

Hands-on modules and practical courses
All blended learning elements of the course programme
Taster sessions to inspire and acquire new students
The experiential online elements of apprenticeship training
Students to build up mobile evidence of achievements and skills learned
Kickstart Scheme talent and apprentices to learn quickly
5x Higher Course Completion Rate
Higher Course Completion Rate
than the industry average
97% Learner Satisfaction
Learner Satisfaction
from 25,000 reviews

Our Approach

Better learning and teaching through intuitive technology is our founding principle.

The Steppit platform has therefore been built around our pioneering framework, which makes it easy to create and run uniquely experiential video courses that are infinitely scalable.

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