Learning Technology for Higher Education

Discover the digital tools that are redefining active learning for universities and higher education academies.

Bring an experiential dimension to Higher Education learning.

We partner with universities and higher education academies to augment the curriculum with active learning technology, widening accessibility and boosting student engagement for better learning outcomes.

The Steppit platform makes the best tutors even better. Whether they are teaching new concepts via distance learning or teaching practical skills through projects, physical experiments, laboratory techniques, field work or demonstrations.

Steppit tools can also be used to provide mini courses to keep students engaged between terms or even inspire new students with taster sessions.

“A great deal of effort put into teaching or studying is wasted because students do not adequately process their experiences.”

Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain
– Caine, R. N., & Caine, G. (1991)

Raising standards for Higher Education

Helps students learn through experience

Most effective for the project-work and practical components of employable degrees, like Medicine, Veterinary science, Sport Science, Engineering, Architecture, Art, Nursing.

Accessible to everyone

We are mobile-first, helping you to reach more students, making your institution accessible to wider geographies and promoting inclusivity to support Widening Participation.

Easy to integrate

Bespoke integration with LMS’s (Learning Management Systems) and OPM’s (Online Programme Management Systems). Workshop supplements existing platforms to deliver active learning.

“There is online content and then there is online learning.
They are two very different things.”

Dr Hannah Gore, award-winning education researcher

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Steppit has many applications for Higher Education, including:

Practical and blended courses
Remote laboratory work and practical modules
Ongoing access to refreshers and practice sessions
Taster sessions to inspire and acquire new students
Keeping students engaged during holidays (Remote Summer Schools)
Mini courses to bridge term gaps
5x Higher Course Completion Rate
Higher Course Completion Rate
than the industry average
97% Learner Satisfaction
Learner Satisfaction
from 25,000 reviews

Our Approach

Better learning and teaching through intuitive technology is our founding principle.

The Steppit platform has therefore been built around our pioneering framework, which makes it easy to create and run uniquely experiential video courses that are infinitely scalable.

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